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Best Travel Agencies

Bein Harim

Bein Harim has many tours in Israel anything from day trips to a whole 10-day program. All tour guides have certifications, and all vehicles are approved by the Ministry of Tourism. If you want the tours in Hebrew that's an option along with English, Spanish, Russian and even some in French or German!


Ayelet Tours

Ayelet Tours offers a variety of tours. They have an option for different price ranges and have a reduced price for couples. This is great if you are traveling alone or with one friend or partner but necessarily the most cost conscience option for larger groups.   

​Free-ish Trips For Jewish Youth

Taglit Birthright Israel 

Young members of the Jewish community ages 18-32 may qualify for a free ten-day trip to Israel flight included! A $250 for tour guide tip is expected. Link to apply below


Livnot U’Lehibanot

Livnot U’Lehibanot provides a great experience for those that love the outdoors and helping others. It’s much less of a vacation then other tours but can be very impactful. The total cost to you is about $200 but that’s cheap for a trip to Israel! They haven’t released 2022 dates yet but here’s the link to last years trip.  

Explore Israel Christian 

We recongize that 

Israel has a host of Christain Holy sites like Bethlehem and Nazareth. For Christians who are looking for travel opportunities that highlight all Israel has to offer while prioritizing their religious sites, we recommend looking into Bein Harim Tourism Services. The link below is for their Christain offering   

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